Get Started

We are so excited that you are taking part in the 7 Experiment!

Here is a short summary to explain where to start and go next to ensure the smoothest and easiest experience for you. 

The 7 Experiment comes with:

  • The book and workbook, which is sent in the mail and arrives in about 4 to 10 days.
  • E-books, which are available on your video dashboard instantly.
  • A 9-part video series you can access right away.
  • Access to the 7 private Facebook group. 

If you have any particular questions about any of the things above, find the corresponding section below for more details.

The Different 7 Experiment Packages:

We realize so many people have purchased the book so we have a few different packages for those of you who have previously purchased the book

The 7 Experiment - Book+Workbook+Videos+FB Group = $49

The 7 Workbook + Videos +FB Group =$39

The 7 Videos +FB Group =$29

The 7 Experiment Small Group Kit For 10 - 10 copies of everything

The 7 Experiment Small Group Kit For 5 - 5 copies of everything

Physical Books

We will ship your books as soon as the order comes in and they will arrive within 4-10 days.

E-books + Video Series + Bonus Items                                                     

Simply head over to and sign into your workshop. Check your spam or junk mail because this email contains your password to access the video dashboard and is coming from this email address - [email protected]

If you don't see the email, go here to have your password resent- https://videos.jenhatmaker/password/new

Private Facebook Group

The link for the private Facebook group is inside your video dashboard. All you have to do is request access to that page and we will get you in!

A few other quick items & reminders:

  1. Your books take about a week to get to you, but digital downloads are in your dashboard. You get the digital downloads if you ordered one of the video packages.
  2. You have full access to the videos now. If you purchased a small group kit and would like for your members in your group to have access to the video portal, please email us with the names and email addresses of the people in your group. We have small group kits available for 5 or 10 people.
  3. If you would like to contact us regarding your shipments of the physical products or anything regarding shipments please contact us here.
  4. If you have questions or issues with anything in regards to your online video series access or problems contact us here.
  5. If you have the book and workbook and just want the videos you can click here.

Thanks again! So excited for you all who are going to experience this. 




We do not currently offer refunds or cancellations on an automatic basis. This means if you buy the books and would like to cancel the order or return them because you don’t like them or need them, we are not able to fulfill that request. As a small business we hope you understand and respect our decision. If however your book arrived damaged or has printing defects, please reach out and we will take care of you. Please email [email protected]